Happy 2nd Birthday (ownership)

TVR Cerbera 2nd birthdayTwo years today since I bought my Cerbera!
And I am happy to report that I still have a clean sheet – zero breakdowns.
I said this last year, and it as true today as it was then:

It is true what they say. Good, well maintained TVRs can be reliable.

I have covered approx 5,000 miles this past year and continued to lavish it with whatever it needs.

Grand Tour

It’s fair to say, I’m not at all handy with a spanner, so have ongoing maintenance and regular servicing carried out by a TVR garage. Also, over the past 2 years it has also been worked on by a fair few specialists.
When I say specialists, I mean exactly that.
I read and research a lot, and it’s pretty clear who the big names are in the TVR world – the people whose reputation speaks for itself – the names that keep cropping up again and again in that particular niche.
Whether you’re looking for an exhaust, a gearbox rebuild, some upholstery work, fibreglassing and paintwork or engine tuning – there’s many outfits that would do it I’m sure, but there’s only so many I would choose.


Am I keeping it?

Honestly, I didn’t think I would still have the car 2 years on.
But here’s the thing, I haven’t tamed it yet, and it can still scare me. So until that day comes, it’s a keeper 🙂

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