Spring time

I don’t usually write anything about my annual service, as it’s usually a non-event, with the usual replacement of the odd consumable or two.
But this time, I wanted to specifically call out 1 item of interest.

oil pressure relief valve spring

I forget where I read it (probably FB), so can’t credit the author, but I remember reading about Cerb owners who had been experiencing erratic oil pressure, and the fault had been traced to an inexpensive easy-to-replace spring that had often snapped, or got very tired.

I hadn’t been experiencing any oil pressure issues, but in the name of prevantive maintenance, I figured I might as well grab one of these Oil Pressure Relief Valve springs and add it to the to-do list when it goes in for its service.

I picked my car up yesterday after its service, and was told the spring was replaced, and while the original spring wasn’t snapped, it had lost ~2mm of height.

So how does this all translate to oil pressures now?

old spring psinew spring psi
Cold idle5264+
Hot idle1418
motorway cruising in 5th4554
My oil pressure is displayed on an ECU screen, so is accurate.

Assuming higher oil pressure is a good thing, then you can see that the renewed spring certainly produces higher pressure.

My search turned up 2 springs possibilities, one small and one large. £8 and £2 respectively. Not knowing which one I would need, I just got both (available from the usual places).

What surprised me, is that replacing this spring isn’t part of the service schedule.

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