The Americans are coming

Hello, hallo, bonjour, こんにちは, hola, ciao.

In my little corner of the internet, where I wax lyrical on a niche topic, I have noticed a trend that is probably not all that surprising when you think about it.

According to this websites statistics, I receive a little over 3,500 unique visitors a year. Not a huge amount of course. The traffic comes from all corners of the world (where I permit it- for example Russia & China is blocked due to the high levels of spam I was receiving)

The engagement time is good, with people spending between 2-5 minutes reading per visit. That engagement time is higher for non-English speaking countries as you would expect. Recognising this, I had added a translate button to the site in the bottom left corner, that I hope will help our non-English Cerbera fans.

What’s interesting though, is the trend of one country in particular. The USA.

In 2022, 1 in 10 visitors were from the U.S.

In 2023, while traffic from all countries increased, from the U.S this increased proportionally by a further 50%

Excluding the UK, traffic from the U.S now almost equals all other countries combined.

unique visitors by country

I can only assume this is as a result of the 25 year import rule for Cerberas starting to come into play.

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