Fluids, Fuses, Tyres & Dimensions

The below has come from various sources, including the owners handbook, forums, social media and my own experiences. It should be noted that while the handbook does have separate sections for the 3 engine variants, they contain the same info. Treat this as a guide only, and do your own research.

Wheels & Tyres

    18″ Spiders

    • Tyres Front:
      • 235/35/18 I’ve been using Pirelli P-zero
      • 225/35/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport is a popular choice if you are happy to drop down in width
    • Tyres Rear:
      • 255/35/18 as per above brands
    • Tyre pressure:
      • 26psi all round
    • Wheel nut torque:
      • 100nm
    TVR Cerbera Spider Wheel

    16″ OZ Saturn

    • Tyres Front:
      • 225/50/16
    • Tyres Rear:
      • 225/50/16
    • Tyre pressure:
      • 22psi Front, 24psi Rear
    • Wheel nut torque:
      • 70nm
    TVR Cerbera OZ Saturn wheel

    Engine Oil

    This is an endless debate on forums & social media. Here’s what I know:

    • According to the handbook: Mobil 1 0W-40
    • According to most long term owners: Shell Helix Ultra, Fully Synthetic 5W-40
    • According to Al Melling (designer of the engine): Shell Helix HX3 20W-50

    • The lack of availability of “Als oil” in the UK, may be why owners have opted for something else.
    • Required for oil change: 7L

    Gearbox Oil

    • According to the handbook: Mobil SHC ATF
    • My Quaife requires specifically: AD 75W-90
    • Required for oil change: 1.5L

    Differential Oil

    According to the handbook: Mobil SHC 80W 140 ID

    Power Steering

    According to the handbook: Mobil ATF 220

    Brake Fluid

    Dot 4




    Yuasa 072


    Fuses & Relays

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