Out and about Summer 2023

With the clocks now moved back an hour and British Summer Time officially in the rear-view mirror, we enter a period of near 6 months darkness and grim weather to accompany it. So it’s as times like this it’s good to take a look back in the year when the sun graced us with its presence.

Other than snatching a surprise dry-day for an occasional drive out to the beach in May, this years season kicked off with Cars at the Castle in June which I wrote about already, and then quickly followed by:

A trip to E-Type UK‘s open day in Tonbridge in June with a couple of TVR buddies.

Then in July an old favourite at Headcorn Aerodrome, with 2 more TVRs, and a Cobra.

In August, Folkestones Old Timer Rally with mates bringing TVRs, Porsche, old school Fords and a Ferrari, plus a BBQ to keep us all entertained.

In September, an overcast day at the Classic Car Rally in Shoreham with TVRs and a Cobra.

and finishing the season, also in September, with Oh So Retro in Margate, and too many cars to mention – always a great turnout.

and in between, various drives out with mates to Pub meets and an occasional evening Fish n Chip run to the coast.

I’ve got a good circle of car mates, with between us an eclectic collection of cars.

I’ll still be out in the Cerbera whenever a dry-day shows itself, but until then, we count down the days until Spring.

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