TVR Cerbera running costs

TVR Cerbera running costs calculatorSo what does it cost a year to run a TVR Cerbera?
The data below I have collected over the past 7 years, and assumes worst case scenario of having a respected TVR garage do the servicing and repairs instead of home-spannering.

£294Road Tax
£1,300Surprise bill
£266Tyres at £200 a corner lasting 3 years
£1,000Fuel (this varies a lot of course)

Notes on the above

  • Insurance is limited to 5k miles a year, but includes agreed value and 1 track day.
  • The servicing does vary. I alternate between a 12k with valve clearances and 6k service each year. Price range is £500-£1,100 and will vary on who you use. It includes all service items. I’ve assumed an average of £800.
  • I’ve also looked back through receipts over the years, and they definitely fall into 2 categories.
    a) I needed it   or   b) I wanted it
    If I only include the I needed it (mandatory) items, the range is £150-£1,300
    Let’s assume worst case scenario, that you are picking up a £1.3k surprise each year.

To put that into context, for reference purposes:

  • a starter motor + fitting is around £350
  • a new clutch + fitting is around £1,300
  • a new immobiliser + fitting is around £750

So the total is just shy of £4k

If I included the I wanted it items, then it quickly grows. And seeing as my wife may be reading this I won’t be quoting those numbers here.

receiptsLike all petrolheads, I keep a folder of parts / upgrades, including from past owners (pre 2016) going back to 1999 when the car was first built.

2024Oil hose: tank-pump
Oil hose: heat pump-heat exchange
Water hose clips
Oil pressure relief valve spring
2x front tyres
6k Service
2023Window runner felts
12k Service + valve clearances
Leather gear gaitor
2022Pair of new exhaust manifoldsgift icon
Zircotec Ceramic coat manifoldsgift icon
Rebuild front brake calipersgift icon
Carbotech front padsgift icon
Titanium brake pad shimsgift icon
Oil hose
90 degree coolant hose
Clutch Master cylinder
6k Service
2021Immobiliser & Alarm (Carl Baker)
Quaife Close Ratio Gearboxgift icon
Nitron shock absorbersgift icon
Differential rebuildgift icon
Diff mounting bush
Powers light-weight flywheelgift icon
AP Racing Clutch
Clutch Slave cylinder seals
Clutch hydraulic pipework
ACT mid section exhaust
ACT sports tails exhaust
Gearbox rubber mounts
Washer pump
Alternator belt
Speedo tranducer
Starter Motor
12k Service + valve clearances
2020Alloy radiator capgift icon
Alloy power steering capgift icon
Alloy fuel capgift icon
Polished airbox bracketsgift icon
Rear view mirrorgift icon
Brake reservoir capgift icon
Wiper arms & flat blade wipersgift icon
Pioneer Bluetooth radio & speakersgift icon
6k Service
2019Steering Wheel re-trim & new buttonsgift icon
Powder coated Rocker Cover & Fuel Railgift icon
Ethanol resistant engine bay Fuel pipes
Injector o Rings
12k Service + valve clearances
2018Throttle Body modificationgift icon
Remap @ Joolzgift icon
Yuasa Battery
Steering rack end
2x Lambda sensors
AP Racing Clutch
Raceproved Slave Cylinder
Exhaust Manifold
6k Service
2017ACT Track Day Silencersgift icon
Racing front Brake Padsgift icon
Drivers seat upholstery repairgift icon
Throttle Body balancing @ str8sixgift icon
Geometry setupgift icon
Custom Afterburner rear lightsgift icon
Spider Wheels + locking wheel nutsgift icon
Gear & Handbrake Gaitorsgift icon
Alloy Radiator
Speed 6 Headlamp conversiongift icon
Wiper Park switch
Rear brake pads
Indicator cancel switch
Bonnet Badgegift icon
Speed Six spark plug covergift icon
Clutch Master cylinder
Stainless steel coolant pipe
Door lock + solenoid
Window runners
12k Service + valve clearances
2016Gearbox rebuild @ gearboxman
ACT sports exhaustgift icon
AP Racing clutch & slave cylinder
Lightened Flywheelgift icon
Starter Motor
Ignition Pack & HT leads & plugs
Reverse light switch
ECU in car displaygift icon
Speed Six rear badgegift icon
Chassis treatment
12k Service + valve clearances
Front brake discs
Brake hose set
Fuel pipe
2007-2009Steering wheel membrane switch
Full Engine Rebuild @ str8six
Gaz shocks
AP Racing Clutch
Front windscreen
1999-2006Wiper park switch
N/S engine mount
Drive shaft gaiters
Oil cooler hose
Rear wishbone brushes
Plugs & HT Leads
N/S door motor
Oil pressure sender
Clutch slave cylinder

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