Loving the heatwave

As a car enthusiast in the UK, you’ve got 2 choices.
1. Drive during the wet months- this isn’t much fun as we know, we all love dry roads; and besides, no one likes their clean car rained on
2. Drive during the summer months – after you’ve battled through the constant groups of cyclists riding 2 or 3 a breadth on country roads – you get back home only to find the front end of your car peppered with bugs
no pests
But I’ve noticed something different this summer. When the temperature is over 32c there’s almost no cyclists on the roads and no splattering of bugs on the car to welcome me when I pull in home.
I am certainly not missing the absence of these pests. Remind me again the downside of global warming 😉
tvr cerbera and cobra
As to the Cerbera, it is unfazed by the heat. Even in the 37c+ outside, the temperature in traffic cycles between 88-92 before the 2nd fan brings it back down again.

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