Happy 3rd Birthday (ownership)

TVR Cerbera 3rd birthdayThree years since I’ve owned my Cerbera!
And I am happy to report that I still have a clean sheet – zero breakdowns.
I said this the last 2 years, and it as true today as it was then:

It is true what they say. Good, well maintained TVRs can be reliable.

Owning a TVR is an amazing experience. Supercar performance, head-turning looks & noise. Wherever you go people give you a thumbs up, as opposed to the finger that £xxx,xxxx supercars tend to attract! Maybe it’s because it’s a British underdog, maybe it’s because they are affordable (relatively speaking) – whatever it is, the attention is positive, and it is like a drug.
What have I learnt in my last 12 months of ownership… I need to build an App that navigates via tunnels between Point A & B
Here’s to another year, and of course a timely photo – Cerbera on Prom Duty.
Isn’t she beautiful 😉
Cerbera Prom Duty

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