Winter Jobs: Rebuild brake calipers

For months I’ve been trying to rid the squeak from the front brakes. Typically, just as you come into stop at a junction/traffic lights, it would be like fingernails down a chalk-board.
I tried everything, I changed the brand of pad I was using, I applied loads of copper grease, I tried ceramic grease, I added shims to the pads; and I even heard that chamfering the edges off the pads would help.
But no luck, still squealing like a pig.
So I took the plunge to rebuild brake calipers on the front with new pistons and seals.
and voila! no noise whatsoever.
I also noticed that there is now more movement in the brake pedal, and hardly any brake dust deposited on the wheels.
If you have a Mk1 Cerbera with CP5200 calipers, these are the part numbers you need:
brake caliper pistons and rings
4x AP Racing Piston 1.50X30.0Alu Sib CP2889-105
4x AP Racing Piston 1.62X29.7Alu Sib CP3357-111
2x AP Racing Seal Kit Sib 1.50×1.62 CP4519-JK
carbotech brake pads and titanium shimsI also treated myself to some custom made XP8 Carbotech pads and some titanium shims to further disperse the heat.

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