Winter Jobs: Ceramic coat exhaust manifolds

It’s well known that it gets pretty toasty under the bonnet of a Cerbera. The heat from the manifolds is extreme, and with so many other components that close, it can certainly take its toll.
I found this out the hard way last summer, when my clutch gave out– it was blamed on the summer heat, but of course that is only part of it.
After a fair bit of research, I opted for having my manifolds coated by Zircotec. Or to be more precise, I bought a brand new pair of manifolds and had them delivered straight to Zircotec for their Performance White coating.
I’m not sure how long they will stay so brilliant white- but that’s not the point. With a claimed 33% reduction of surface temperature, this is function over form.
zircotec coated exhaust manifold fitted
zircotec coated exhaust manifold 2
zircotec coated exhaust manifold 1

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