Cerbera Gearbox rebuild time

My Gearbox was “ok”. But, when accelerating in 1st with some vigour, it would clunk going into 2nd gear. Most likely the synchromesh. Time for my Cerbera Gearbox to be rebuilt.
There are many places I suppose I could get the the box rebuilt, but after some research, the same name kept cropping up time and time again.
CTS (Competition Transmission Services) or to go by another name GearBoxMan, really was the only place to go.

I dropped the car off one cold morning in Luton and a week later picked it back up again.

Cerbera Gearbox transformation

Transformation is an understatement.
Of course the transition from 1st to 2nd was flawless now, but it is so tight and notchy now. Beautiful to drive 🙂
cerbera gearbox
It also has the 5th gear mod. This is a small after market modification to ensure that 5th doesn’t self destruct, as it is all too common to do on these T5 boxes.
If your Cerbera gearbox needs some TLC, you know where to go, thank you Bernie.

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