Ready for winter Cerbera

Is your Cerbera ready for winter?
You wouldn’t store you cherished Chippendale table out in your cold damp garage, so why your cherished P&J car?
So how do you keep rust at bay?
Do you just stick a heater in the garage and hope for the best?
Everything I describe below, cost less than £400 – a small price to pay I think you’ll agree 🙂
First job is to keep the rain out, I managed this as I wrote earlier with one of these

ready for winter weather stop

coupled with some strategically placed rubber flaps screwed in place around the gaps in the main door, and you’re pretty much weather-tight.

So now it’s dry – great, but what about damp?

Humidity is your enemy – get ready for winter!

A garage doesn’t necessarily have to be warm and cosy, it just needs the right relative humidity (RH) level.
over 60% and dew drops can form and rust occur
less than 40% and leather can dry out and crack
so ~50% is the sweet spot.
I recently purchased one of these dehumidifiers


set to to 50% and switched it on.

before I switched it on, my humidity gauge was reading 60+ (rust territory)
relative humidity before dehumidifier
12 hours later and now it reads ~50 relative humidity
relative humidity after dehumidifier

and the little tube that drains outside, has removed 6 litres of water out of the air – in 12 hours!
a by-product of this is the dehumidifier vents warm air out into the garage, so over time the temperature should rise.

accumate charger
and a final touch, I installed one of these trickle chargers which I routinely keep plugged in. It plugs into the 12v socket and the door closes with wire attachedaccumate 12v plug

My Cerbera isn’t a garage queen.
True, I don’t use it in the rain, but any day it’s not raining I am out in it.
But when I’m not, I know it’s being cherished just like a Chipendale.

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