Lockdown Jobs: rear view mirror + shiny Leven bits

My rear view mirror is clearly the original one from 1999. It’s started to de-laminate at the bottom, and vibrates and wobbles at speed.
old delaminated rear view mirror
The new one is so much better
new rear view mirror
edit: and i can confirm that after a spirited drive out, there is no vibration at all.
Now on to some shiny things.. back in the day, a company by the name of Leven Technology took the shiny bits from TVR and made them 100% better. Unfortunately these items are rare as hens-teeth today, but with some patience and a long running ebay search, they will occasionally show up.
How could you improve on the TVR bonnet badge?
leven tvr bonnet badge
Well.. the regular badge looks identical, that is until you wax/polish the car, then you get white powder stuck in the grooves.
Leven encased it in resin, so that is a thing of the past. I also have a rear badge encased in resin too, that I wrote about earlier here.
3 years later and it still looks fantastic
rear resin coated cerbera badge
Leven are best known though for their Aluminium pieces. This handbrake lever is a thing of beauty, and is so much better/higher quality than anything on sale today from the usual TVR parts suppliers.
leven handbrake lever
Edit: just heard Lockdown is being relaxed this weekend.. yay 🙂

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