Cerbera Speed six badge

The rear Speed Six badge was looking tired, so I replaced it.
But in the spirit of wanting to stay original, I actually now have 2 badges.
My original badge I sent off to a guy who refurbishes them, and then encases it in a clear resin. This way it stays bright & shiny and doesn’t dull, especially when you accidentally cover it in wax/polish. This is the badge I have on the car right now.
cerbera speed six badgeBut I also managed to track down a brand new original badge – these are becoming rare, so I have put it in storage.
I also had a one of a kind keyring made up [thanks again Gavin!]
How cool is this!
cerbera speed six keyring

2 thoughts on “Cerbera Speed six badge

  1. Steve

    Sorry to bother you.
    In reference to the person who manufactured your badges in resin.
    I know that was a few years ago, but would it be possible to pass on their contact details.
    I have a Tvr Griffith 500 with tired looking badges and would love to do something with them. Your keyring really is a nice touch.
    Many thanks Steve.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Steve,

      There’s a guy advertising on Ebay to strip, restore, re-enamel and set in resin.
      Search for “TVR Badge Restoration”

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