Garage waterproofing

With an empty garage for a couple of weeks, and winter not that far away – this seems like a good excuse to finally tackle my porous garage.
With the door closed, I could see daylight everywhere. But the main issue was the water that gets blown under the garage door.
I experimented with a few ideas, finally settling on this:
garage waterproofing door weather strip
This is basically a 4 inch high solid piece of rubber, like a mini speed bump. It’s fitted on the inside of the garage, so that when the door closes, it is pressed up against it and makes a waterproof seal.
It wasn’t simply a case of sticking it to the floor though, as the garage floor was textured and not slightly even.
So in preparation I laid down some floor levelling compound, then painted it black.
We’ve had some freakish storms since, and I am glad to say that this, coupled with some strategically placed rubber “flaps” around the top and left & right sides of the door – has meant not a draft or raindrop has come in.
Garage waterproofing job done.

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