TVR Cerbera – the UKs answer to the Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper has always been revered as the ultimate widow-maker U.S Muscle car. Here in the UK, we’ve never really done muscle cars – was the Ford Capri a limp effort at a muscle car? Maybe, but all that changed when Peter Wheeler unleashed the TVR Cerbera in the mid 90s.
Dodge Viper SRII + TVR Cerbera
Cosmetically, there are a few striking similarities, including the lack of any visible door handles or key cylinders. The scalloped door openings too are very similar. Rumour has it, that this was to avoid the hassle of lining up visible door shuts – or was this a purposeful aesthetic design cue inspired from the Viper?
The dimensions of the cars, also are very similar.

Dodge Viper SR II RT/10TVR Cerbera
Production Years1995 - 20021996 - 2006
Weight1,505 kg1,130 kg
Height1,120 mm1,220 mm
Width1,920 mm1,865 mm
Length4,450 mm4,280 mm

They also both sported the same (lack of) safety features:
Airbags – nope.
Stability control – nope.
Traction control – nope.
ABS braking – nope.
Power wise, the 8L V10 of the Viper was no slouch, but being a considerably heavier car (by almost a third), its 415bhp puts it firmly in the same ball-park 0-60 and top speed as any of the TVR Cerbera engine configurations.
It should be noted that later generations of the Viper came with increasingly more power and eventually, safety features.
A few years ago, I went through a phase of lusting after a Viper, and while externally it’s presence is very imposing, what let it down for me was the interior.
While the Cerberas interior is a special place to be and still futuristic looking, the Viper by comparison is bland, plasticky and ordinary- you wouldn’t know you are sitting in something special.
Still, interior aside, the Viper is a bonkers car, and the world is a better place for it being in it!

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