Cars at the Castle

Nestled in the Kent countryside, Hever Castle is a picturesque location with sprawling grounds, popular for weddings and family days out. And once a year host to Cars at the Castle car event.
Despite the 2 random couple of minute rain showers, it was a hot & sunny day with a couple of hundred cars in attendance, and swarms of people, young and old.
As a car displayer, despite us usually looking grumpy and unapproachable, you’ll find that quite the opposite is true – we love nothing more than chatting and answering questions from passers-by.
I heard many comments like “it looks brand new still“, “it’s box fresh“, “have you had it completely restored?”
Perhaps the most memorable for me that day, was a guy in his 30’s, who came over to me and sheepishly asked if I could start it up as his Dad had fond memories of Cerberas. He then pointed over to where his father was by the fountain just behind us.
So he called his father over, to which I then said “sorry, I won’t start it up“. His face started to drop, to which I then said “but you can“.
He then climbed into the drivers seat, I talked him through starting it and he blipped the throttle a few times. His face told the story. They took a few photos and then both he and his son spent the next few minutes continually thanking me. As they walked off, I then heard his wife say “it’s was worth coming just for this“.
Morale of the story: don’t be shy. Us car owners love to share our passion with anyone who will listen. It’s all part of the ownership experience.

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