TVR Cerbera in video games

TVR Cerbera’s have appeared in many video games over the years, but the console I owned and therefore remember fondly, is the Playstation.
The Cerbera first debuted in Gran Turismo in 1997 in 4.2 guise, then briefly again in Gran Turismo 2 (GT2) alongside the Cerbera 4.5 and Speed Six in 1999. The Speed Six variant then continues flying the flag for the Cerbera when it appears in GT3 in 2001, GT4 in 2004, GT5 in 2007, and it’s final appearance in GT6 in 2013 on the PS3.
TVR Cerbera Speed six Gran Turismo 6 PS3 showroom rotating
Looking back at the graphics now, it seems a little primitive.
TVR Cerbera Speed six Gran Turismo 6 PS3 showroomHowever, the makers of Gran Turismo always prided themselves on being as realistic as the technology of the day allowed; after all, this was positioned as a Driving Simulator, not just a game.
This meant realistic cars in how they look, sound and drive.

So how accurate was their depiction of the Cerbera?

Just for fun.. below is an in-game screen capture taken from GT6, of a TVR Cerbera Speed Six in Cooper Green colour – with my car fading in as an overlay.
Using the wing mirror and door line as reference points, you can see they perfectly align.
TVR Cerbera Speed Six Gran Turismo 6 PS3 showroom compare game vs IRLThe only noticeable differences are the indicator placement, maybe the boot-lip is a little too pronounced- and the wheel size.
We can forgive them on the wheels, as it looks like they have the smaller 16″ six-spoke factory Saturn wheels on.
But otherwise, I’d say it’s a fairly good representation.

Cerbera Speed 12

TVR Cerbera Speed 12We can’t discuss Cerberas and video games, and not talk about the monster that is the Speed 12.
It was born from mating two Speed Six engines together to create a 7.7L V12 – I remember “driving” this thing, and it was an absolute animal.
The Cerbera Speed 12 appeared in GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5 and finally GT6.
The only road going version built by TVR recently sold at auction for £601k (incl fees)
For more on this, here are a couple of links:
Link to the auction itself on my YouTube channel
Link to the original auction lot description and Link to the Internet Archive (just in case the lot page gets removed.. be patient it can take some time to load)

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