Pre-purchase Cerbera inspection – items addressed #2

pre-purchase inspection report 2I knew the clutch was going to need replacing, but I figured out I had a few months left. The noise when pressing the clutch pedal in has become more prominent (clutch release bearing); and today after an energetic run, I lost 5th altogether and couldn’t select reverse without crunching the gears.
So back to my trusted independent, and while it’s there, I might as well address the other bigger items from the pre-inspection report:

  • AP Racing clutch
  • Slave Cylinder
  • Starter Motor (high torque)

and while the gearbox is coming out, makes sense to add an upgrade:

  • Light-weight flywheel

This pit-stop actually lasted a couple of weeks, due to a number of delays. So with no car and an empty garage, it’s time to get that garage weather proofed…

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