Winter Jobs: Brake Caliper refresh

With the best weather driving days of this year slipping away, thoughts turn to those little jobs like a brake caliper refresh.
Very pleased with how these turned out 🙂
cerbera front brake caliper refreshtvr cerbera front brake caliper refreshtvr cerbera rear brake caliper refresh

2 thoughts on “Winter Jobs: Brake Caliper refresh

  1. Joe

    We’re did you have your caliper done

    Thanks for sending the link.


    If your ever around the sevenoaks area please give me a call.
    Maybe we can meet up


  2. admin Post author

    Hey Joe

    The calipers are a combination of using a local trusted indi and some satisfying home DIY.

    I left my car with a local garage for a couple of days to have the chassis tidied up (removed surface rust and then long reach hoses to waxoyl the hard-to-reach areas)

    While this was drying, they also painted the calipers with high temp paint.

    When i got the car back, i then sanded the raised lettering and logo to reveal the bare silver metal – a splash of high temp clear lacquer – and tada!

    I kept the tin of paint, so i can touch up if needed.

    The other option would be to take them off and send them off for powder coating. Again you’d need to sand back the raised areas to expose the silver lettering. I didn’t opt for powder coating, simply because i haven’t decided yet on the final colour. Thinking maybe green or yellow..

    I’m approx 40miles from you, so yes could hook up one day, just ping me.

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