Happy 7th Birthday (ownership)

Cerbera candle - 7Seven years now I’ve been custodian of this Cerbera!
It’s been a fairly uneventful year as far as unplanned maintenance is concerned. No breakdowns, no surprise bills. Just the usual service. I covered I think approx 4.5k miles in the year.
I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy writing about it as much as I do being out in it.
So when the weather is not great, or I’m not in the mood for driving- then I get my kicks from adding content to this website. I’ve spent a fair bit of time revamping the site, in terms of look & feel as well as adding features and content. I look at it from a perspective of what would I love to have been able to tap into when I was first researching Cerberas – and try to fill that gap.
I get regular visitors from all across Europe, Japan, Canada & the U.S, that hang around on the site according to the stats for a few minutes to sometimes an hour.
One of the items I did get addressed in the last 12months was my exhaust alignment, I wrote about it here. And while it may sound like a trivial matter, it really wasn’t, and I’m still enjoying the rattle free perfectly aligned look of it.
On the topic of exhaust, I have an experiment cued up for November, that I’m particularly excited about. Fingers crossed that works out, and I hope to be able to share that towards the end of the year.
Other than that- I’m enjoying the car, the Close Ratio gearbox is sublime. I find I’m regularly near or in the torque power-band whether that be on the motorway or fast A-road driving. Looking back, I’d say that was the biggest night & day transformation, and if you have a Cerbera running the stock gearbox ratios, I strongly suggest you look into it.

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