More Cerbera engine bay shiny bits

So last year I started on an engine bay spruce up (link). I replaced the Cerbera engine bay decals and had the rocker cover, fuel rail and spark plug cover powder coated – 18 months later and they still look new !
Since then I’ve worked my away around the engine bay. And while 90% of this is cosmetic, there are a couple of practical items I took care of too.
The thing with sprucing up the engine bay is, the more you do, the more the old/dirty bits look older and dirtier.

You can only really stop when you’ve done everything

  • Airbox and air filter box re-sprayed
  • New shiny Airbox jubilee clips

TVR Cerbera engine bay 1

  • Shiny airbox stainless brackets

TVR Cerbera polished airbox bracket

  • Airfilter box protection

Talking of airfilter boxs – every single Speed 6 engine bay I have seen, has the same phenomena.. the bonnet heat-shield rubs against the front of the airfilter box and you end up with a white-ish rub mark on the box. It also eventually tends to rub through the heat-shield matting and leaves a hole.
I solved this by applying some thin rubber matting to the front of the airfilter box and reinforcing the heat-shield.
TVR Cerbera airbox protection

  • Quick-release bonnet stay with magnetic rod holder

The other Cerbera under bonnet phenomena is a bent bonnet stay. The original bonnet stay was a ball-and-cup type attachment that was a pain to attach/detach, so most of the time you have to whack it on and off, hence why it ends up bent.
This new one is stronger, slightly longer and is an effortless quick-release mechanism.
TVR Cerbera quick release bonnet stay
I was never really comfortable either with the clip that holds the bonnet stay rod to the bonnet when not in use. Mine is now held in place by a super-strong magnet.
TVR Cerbera magnetic bonnet stay catch

  • Rocker cover TVR logo

TVR Cerbera rocker cover logo

  • Polished Oil Tank

While I was here, I polished up the Oil tank
TVR Cerbera polished oil tank 2TVR Cerbera polished oil tank 1

  • Replaced the brake reservoir cap with a clean one 😉

It didn’t need replacing, but it looked old
engine bay decals

  • Alloy Power Steering cap

TVR Cerbera alloy power steering cap

  • Alloy Radiator cap

TVR Cerbera Alloy radiator cap

  • Alloy Fuel cap

ok so not in the engine bay, but it was shiny, so I had to have it
TVR Cerbera alloy fuel cap
and some more gratuitous photos..
TVR Cerbera engine bay 4TVR Cerbera engine bay 2TVR Cerbera engine bay 3

5 thoughts on “More Cerbera engine bay shiny bits

  1. Mr A T Judd

    Great upgrades there and that bonnet stay is stunning – did you make it or is it possible to buy?

    1. admin Post author

      It was made by a guy called Nev Butler, he made a batch of them in 2020. If you join the TVR Buy & Sell group on FB, you can track him down.

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