Windscreen wiper upgrades

Sometimes you scratch your head wondering, what on earth were TVR thinking.
For example, the wipers. Water is delivered by a bizarre looking looping tube that sits prominently on top of the wiper arms, and then at best dribbles water onto the windscreen. Surely there must be a few windscreen wiper upgrades out there?
old tvr cerbera wipersI’d like to think that for aesthetic reasons they were trying to avoid bonnet mounted water jets – but then why this weird looking tube?
And it’s not like there wasn’t an opportunity to change that, this design stuck for years and appeared on the Chimeara, Cerbera, Tuscan and Sagaris.
Many owners have upgraded these, so time for mine too. (although I did keep the old tube loops should the next owner want to revert)
These flat blades have integrated 4-way jets that clip on to the wiper arms
new tvr cerbera windscreen wiper upgrades
You have to look real close to spot them
integrated wiper jets windscreen wiper upgrades
The 2 images below while looking similar, are showing the difference between a 16″ and 15″ wiper blade.
16 inch wiper
To avoid the passenger side wiper blade hanging off the screen and not making contact, you will need a 15″ blade.
The drivers side blade is 16″.
15 inch wiper
A much cleaner look, and they actually spray water on the screen.
I took the opportunity to also replace the wiper arms as they were showing their age.

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