Cerbera cleaning

what i wash my car with vs what i wash myself with memeThere’s a popular meme doing the rounds “What I wash my car with vs what I wash myself with” – we all know it is bang-on the truth 🤣
My car always looks good, but don’t be fooled, my Cerbera cleaning routine is not what you might think.
Some people love cleaning their car. I love the result, but the task itself to me is a chore.
My routine I have honed over the years to be what it is today, and the bottom line is, I only actually wash it once a year (“Wash” as in get the hosepipe out).
My routine involves a blitz once a year, that takes no less than 16 products.
Roughly every 6-8 weeks with 4 products.
Then after driving it, just 1 product.

The annual blitz

My annual service & MOT occurs around February. More often than not, the car has got quite mucky on the journey there/back, so it’s on the return from that, that I blitz the car.
I probably space the task over 2 or 3 days.
cerbera cleaning products - annually

1pH Neutral shampoo for a wash
2Meguiars Compound to remove any paint swirls etc
15Auto Glym Scratch remover for swirls etc that above hasn't removed
16G3 Tougher scratch remover if above hasn't removed
3Meguiars Polish
4Meguiars Wax
5Bilt Hamber to clean the wheels
9Collinite 845 wax for the wheels
7Armorall Brake dust shield for the wheels
11Autosol metal polish for exhaust tips
12Sonax for the black exterior rubber trim
13Simoniz tyre shine
6Auto Glym engine cleaner for engine-bay
8Armorall Leather wipes for upholstery
14Furniture Clinic Leather Ultra Clean
10Carpet cleaner foam for car mats

Every 6-8 weeks

cerbera cleaning products - monthly
I’ll re clean the wheels, and give the interior a quick wipe down.
Then use the Double Black as a quick-detailer.
I’ll probably spend 90mins doing this.

1Double Black beadmaker paint protectant
3Bilt Hamber to clean the wheels
2Armorall Brake dust shield for the wheels
4Armorall Leather wipes for upholstery

Usually after every drive

Double Black beadmaker paint protectant
The Double Black, really is a game changer. I’ll spend maybe 30mins spraying on the car, then wiping off.
This assumes the car has just a layer of road dust on it.
There is no need to wash the car throughout the year. The annual waxing protects the paint from picking up any swirls, and you have a perpetually just-waxed look throughout the year.

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