Cerbera spider wheel cleaning revisited

I was at a car show yesterday and someone commented about my “new” wheels.
Back in 2017 I bought a set of Spider Wheels; and wrote about my cleaning routine here.
In fact I’ve been using the same 3 products ever since.
wheel cleaning productsThe wheel cleaner to remove the brake dust every few weeks (Bilt Hamber), and after applying, use the brake dust shield (ArmorAll).
And once a year, when all the wheels come off (before and after the annual TVR Track day), apply the wheel wax (Collinite No. 845)
Hardly a taxing routine!
And I think you’ll agree, after 4.5 years they do still look like new!

The great thing about TVR ownership, is there has never yet been a time when I couldn’t get a part I needed. Unlike some marques, there is a healthy supply of TVR parts out there.
But I noticed a couple of weeks ago, that the Spider Wheels were starting to sell out and stay out of stock, I quickly grabbed one. Just in case.
spare spider wheel

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