Custom Cerbera Afterburner lights

The Cerbera lines are timeless – I’ve said this before. But they are let down by the style of lights.
The front look they come from an old 60s MG (I addressed that here).

The rear lights.. well they were actually borrowed from another car, namely a Mk3 Ford Fiesta.
What the Cerbera needs is something fitting of it’s timeless looks.

So what are the options?

The Mk2 Cerbera had these
mk2 lights
Personally, I’m not a fan, the layout of the cluster just looks awkward. They just don’t sit right with me.

Ten or so years ago, this was a popular upgrade
standard afterburner lightsI like this, I like the layout of the cluster, the LED ring certainly gives it the modern look – but that chrome/silver ring.. it just looks a bit corsa/chav to me.

What would be perfect would be a cluster like the above, but without the chrome ring.
custom afterburner lights poweredIt took some time, and a heck of a lot of persuading, but I managed to convince the company making these 10 years ago, to commission one last batch.. this time without the chrome ring.
For me, this is perfection.

Here’s a before and after shot
TVR Cerbera old rear lightsTVR Cerbera custom afterburner rear lights
and at night..
custom afternurner lights oncustom afterburner lights
A note to the purists: My mantra with customizations is this.
If the modification improves the look, and is functional, and was a factory modification as standard in a later model – then that is ok in my books (like the front light conversion I did)
If not, then the modification should be easily reversible. In this case, I kept the rear light clusters, should a new owner one day wish to revert the lights. Personally, I can’t see why, they just look so damn sexy.

Edit: I’ve resisted sharing Dave’s contact details here in an attempt to stop him getting spammed.
Instead below is an image of his email address.
or check out his website here where they seem to be back in stock.

12 thoughts on “Custom Cerbera Afterburner lights

  1. Dave

    Good day!

    What a fantastic job on the taillights. As this isn’t too long ago (yet), i was wondering perhaps if you know some of these are still available?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    1. Peter Manewell

      Hi Dave,

      Please can you send me details from where I can acquire the afterburner lights, if still available.
      Looking forward to your response.



  2. Joe

    Agreed Your lights look fantastic
    I also would like a set of LED’S
    Could you please help

    I also use Taylor TVR l live in Sevenoaks and he’s just 20 minutes from me

    1. admin Post author

      Not sure he has any left, but I do know someone who has a pair unused that he is selling, I have passed him your contact details.

  3. admin Post author

    I’ve added Dave’s contact details & website to the post above. Not sure if he has any more of these, but can’t hurt to ask.

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