Darling Buds Classic Car Show 2017

My 2nd show 🙂 the Darling Buds Classic Car Show
Darling Buds Car show TVR car club 2017
And no less than 10 TVRs turned up from all around Kent.

Glorious day out mingling with other petrol heads in the sun, and as usual a great bunch of folks from three Kent regions of the TVR Car Club.
Darling Buds Car show 2017
I don’t think I’ll ever tire of playing the “How do you open the Cerbera door” game with families that stop by to gaze in the open window.
Add an incentive “prize” of being offered to sit in the cockpit if you can, makes for an interesting race – of course it’s usually the kids, with their height advantage that get it first (much to the annoyance of their parents)

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