Slow windows and some more niggles

Winter is finally here, the Cerbera isn’t getting out much these days (other than the weekly run around the block to get up to temperature just keep everything moving) – so figured I would address some of the niggles and send the car off for while to my local TVR specialist, Taylor TVR – with a list. Top of the list were the slow windows.

Slow Windows

My windows have always been slow, and it would seem from reading various forums – I am not alone.
But they can be fixed.
New window runner felts, some lubrication, replace a few bolts and hey presto! fast (aka normal) speed up & down windows 🙂


I had a new clutch and slave cylinder fitted last year, but I noticed recently that sometimes getting in and out of 1st gear wasn’t as easy as I remember it. Upon inspection, Dan reported the Master cylinder was weeping, so it was swapped out and now it’s perfect again.

Door bounce

Very very rarely, when I go to close the drivers door, the door would bounce back, like the locking mechanism wasn’t catching. This could be the solenoid or it could be the door lock. We had both replaced, just in case.

Stainless Steel Coolant pipe

My 9 month old alloy radiator had sprung a leak, so it was being replaced under warranty.. and while Dan was in the depths of the engine bay, as a preventive measure it was advised to swap out the standard coolant pipe for a stainless steel variant, as the standard one can rust from the inside out and cause catastrophic failure should all the coolant escape. Prevention is better than cure – so this was a no-brainer.

Scuttle Panel respray

Owning a TVR and being a little bit OCD are probably not the best combination… but one thing that made my teeth itch was the paint on my scuttle panel.
It’s a common problem I’m told; the heat from the engine bay can cause the scuttle panel to suffer micro-cracks in the paintwork. It is worse on the passenger side, but all along the scuttle panel these appear.
scuttle panel before
and here it is after a respray
scuttle panel after
I’ll get some better photos when the sun comes out next year, but needless to say, I’m very happy with this now.
But the story doesn’t end there, the engine bay decals had to be removed of course, and guess what.. you cannot buy these anywhere any more.
So I tracked down a design company and found a guy who made up some identical new ones. Identical in colour, size, type of material, thickness of material etc.
engine bay decals
engine bay decals 2
I am very pleased with these, it looks factory fresh.
Knowing how rare these are, I also had some spares made up, just in case I have to repaint the scuttle panel again at some future date.
engine bay decals spares

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