Cerbera Gaitors – replacing old worn leather

The interior of my Cerbera is flawless, except that is, for one area, the leather around the handbrake and gear stick. The Cerbera Gaitors do tend to suffer as they are after-all, a moving part, that over the years will split and tear.
Torn Cerbera Gaitors
They can also get really grubby, and while you can attempt to clean them, they will always be the one area that lets the interior down, especially when the rest of the interior is so faultless.

So what are your options? Well, you can’t buy these new any more. And even if you could, you shouldn’t – as new ones that match the colour of the interior when the car came out the factory – won’t match the colour of your interior now.
You see, over the years the leather changes colour slightly. Your factory new Cerbera gaitors would simply stand out like a sore-thumb being too light in colour.
Cerbera GaitorsYour only real option is to have some custom made. This involves finding someone who can colour match exactly to YOUR interior, and then replicate the leather grain and stitching and pattern.
Replacement Gear Stick and Handbrake Gaitors
It’s no simple quest, but what else are you going to do when it’s raining day after day and the Cerb is grounded in the garage 😥 The results are amazing, and well worth the effort. I actually had 2 pairs made up, so I have a spare should I ever need them

My OCD can rest a little now. The Interior is sublime.
New interior Cerbera Gaitors

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