Happy 1st Birthday (ownership)

TVR Cerbera 1st birthdayOne year today – one year since I bought my Cerbera!

So am I wiser?

Well I am certainly poorer 😉
I entered TVR ownership with my eyes wide open. I was expecting endless problems, total unreliability, complete frustration and wallet emptying bills.

So how did I fare?

It is true what they say. Good, well maintained TVRs can be reliable.

In the past year, I have covered just under 5,000 miles and not had a single breakdown

Has it been in to the garage a lot, yes it has – but it was all elective surgery. I chose to have all these things done because it makes for a better car and ultimately a better experience.

Am I still enjoying it?

I said to myself I would sell the car when it stops scaring me.
I’ve had powerful cars in the past, but after a while you get numb to the power and used to it. You tame it. You ultimately get bored.
Have I tamed the Cerbera yet? God no. There’s only so many seconds you can hold the loud pedal down before your instincts for self preservation kick-in and reign you back in.
It looks so sexy. It sounds so good. I loved the look of it when I bought it. I think it looks even better today.
But one thing I do know, is that this next year I will enjoy it even more. The thing is, when you are constantly thinking it will fall apart like all the myths proclaim, it can take the shine off all the great things I just mentioned; but with that myth now quashed, I’m just going to keep smiling and driving.

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