Happy 6th Birthday (ownership)

TVR Cerbera 6th birthdaySix years since I’ve owned my Cerbera!
Another year of ownership, they seem to be flying by.
For it’s 6th birthday, I treated it (me) to a new personal plate, figured I’d join the TVR plate club. If nothing else, it will help out other motorists who have to try and drive around me to see what the front badge says 😉
I also treated the website to a photo-shoot. I took the car back to the location I originally took photos for this website in 2016, (a very picturesque wooded area) and reshot a number of different angles, and updated the home page carousel with the best ones.

Stand-out moments from the last 12 months

I finally witnessed first hand flames coming out of the exhaust
I attended a few car meets, and as usual the Cerbera drew a lot of attention. It also as usual attracted requests for throttle-blipping.. these cars do sound so good.
I also got taken out for a passenger ride in a mates new Tesla. Two takeaways here:
It is obscenely quick, and I want one. I want one just for that simple party trick of face-melting acceleration.
Which brings me on to the second takeaway, an epiphany of sorts; owning a plaything car isn’t only about speed- for me at least, it can’t be a slouch, but it is also about the sensory inputs, noise being the main one, closely followed by the accompanying vibration, then smell of fuel (burnt & unburnt).
So, would I buy a Tesla, yes (well actually probably a Polestar), but yes an EV car, but as a 2nd car.
Did many drive-outs with mates. Some fellow TVR owners, some not- but always a great social crowd.
On the mechanical side, my immobiliser did give up the ghost; but other than that, a reliable year.
This car is firmly under my skin.

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