My favourite driving route

gopro body mounted for favourite driving routeWe all have our favourite route for a drive out, I must have driven this one over 50 times. Mine takes in the Kent countryside, takes around an hour and is a nice mix of 60 stretches, some with low cut hedges that allow you to see across the corner, plus some spectacular village views for you to take in the surroundings while your brakes cool-down in the slower sections.
There’s a few sections, especially where you are passing under covered trees, that reminds me of the Trial Mountain stage in Gran Turismo.
I’m continuing to experiment with different mounting locations for the GoPro, this time on the rear quarter of the car. In superwide mode it gives an interesting perspective; the optical illusion of the wheel changing direction is almost mesmerising.
My 60mins of joy condensed to 5 minutes.
As usual, headphones are recommended to make the most of the exhaust tones & be sure to set the playback quality to 4K.

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